Nerd Alert Issue 15: Spring arrives shortly

We are chasing sunshine and celebrating the shoots of new ideas.


What we're reading this week

  Adam: A reminder that late night emails aren’t just bad for your team, they’re also bad for you as a leader. If you have to write emails during non-work hours, at least save them as drafts and then send at a more reasonable time. Your team will thank you.

  Ben: Proving once again that CSS makes everything possible, here is a font done entirely in CSS: CSS Sans. It uses ::before, ::after and some <divs> to create common letterforms.

  Denise: It’s that time of year again — time to follow @NailbiterBot on Twitter. This bot from the WNYC Data News Team tweets any time there is a close game (men’s or women’s) during March Madness, so you’ll know when it’s time to stop working and watch the game. This post has a quick walk-through on how to set up text notifications anytime @NailbiterBot tweets. News you can truly use!

  Kaeti: Jason Santa Maria (a super talented designer/thinker/author and current design director at Vox media) hosted an AMA on Designer News and it’s full of great insight and advice.

  Meredith: Robots are cute and engaging, even in a zoo. Learn how a handful of robots work to respond to natural disasters and were named for science fiction authors.

 Nick: My interest in computers started in the days when we used modems, and connection speeds were measured in thousands of bytes per second. The unique screech of a modem making a connection has always fascinated me, and I would listen to it like an exotic language being spoken skillfully. Oona Räisänen, a self-described signals hacker, does an awesome write-up The Sound of Dialup, Pictured including a diagram suitable for printing.

  Ryan: Every now and then, it's worth taking the time to consider what motivates us and how we can strive to live more meaningful and truly satisfying lives. Take a few minutes to read and consider The Creative Life and Well-Being.

  Will: Mike Monterio writes about redesigning The Seattle Times. It’s interesting to get an outsiders perspective on the complexities involved when working with a news organization — things us news app developers deal with every day. My favorite quote? “You wanna learn how to ship? Work at a newspaper for a year.”

  Bert: I dream of one day of wearing the crown.

This week's guest contributor: Kate Golden, Wisconsin Watch, @wiswatchkate

At, we were bulletproofing a series of 12 animated GIFs and provoked some interesting, critical (and longish) responses from opposing sides. Instead of changing the piece, I wanted to add the responses as annotations, preferably hidden by default to avoid weighing down the layout. This led me to the News Nerds office hours. The second-best thing about the pop-up footnotes they came up with is that it is fairly easy to implement. The best part is that it allows me to take a page from the fantastic web comic xkcd (thanks to Ben Keith). The inspiration is here and the gist of the solution is here.

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Work we admire by our peers

18F is a government organization charged with helping other agencies deliver their mission through digital and web services recently celebrated their first anniversary and  released a look back at their first year.


Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Discover the songwriter’s songwriter, Jason Molina, covered by Glen Hansard.

COOK: Get a head start on next year’s Irish Soda Bread competitions.

WATCH: Dipping south this week.

GIF: A spacey solstice.