Nerd Alert 40: The INN Nerds Alpaca Farm


Applications are open for our spring 2016 apprenticeships, and we're hiding a contract WordPress developer for this fall. Tell your friends!


What we're reading this week

  Adam: I really enjoyed this fascinating read on the current state of news economics for freelance writers.

  Ben: Clean, minimalist design doesn't mesh well with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. Guess which one was thrown out.

  David: The hard truth on making things.

  Kaeti: The key to any successful project is how well you communicate — with your team, clients, and everyone in between.

  Ryan: Research on knot tying done by MIT and Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris lends a scientific explanation for a variety of knot-related problems. Everything from how your headphones wound up an unusable, tangled mess to the more significant issue of how the configuration of knots can help in surgical procedures.

  Bert: My robot friends are taking over farms.


Work we admire by our journalism peers

The Next to Die tracks upcoming executions. The Marshall Project has even made the tracker embeddable, if you want to use it on your site.


Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Sarah Vaughan singing "Misty" in 1964.

COOK: Make some cookies for your camelids.

WATCH: The alpaca song.

GIF: Have a happy weekend!