Announcing The January News Nerd Book Club Selection: Two Books Apart

We have decided to skip our December meeting and instead do a two-fer in January. Join us for our next News Nerd Book Club hangout on Wednesday, January 13th at 1 pm ET.

For our January gathering we'll be reading not one, but two new books recently released by A Book Apart: Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles by Ethan Marcotte and Going Responsive by Karen McGrane.

A bit on Going Responsive from the A Book Apart website:

Responsive design is more than the technical; it’s a new way of communicating and working that affects every person on your team. Karen McGrane draws on data and stories from real-world teams to show you why going responsive is just good business sense—and how to set up your project (from concept to launch) for total success. Learn how to plan and scope work, collaborate in a responsive context, evaluate content, handle browser support and testing, and measure performance outcomes. No matter your role or project, go responsive with confidence.

And on Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles:

As responsive design evolves, we have a critical need to think about design challenges beyond mobile, tablet, and desktop. When properly designed and planned, design patterns—small, reusable modules—help your responsive layout reach more devices (and people) than ever before. Ethan Marcotte shows you just how that’s done, focusing on responsive navigation systems, resizing and adapting images, managing advertising in a responsive context, and broader principles for designing more flexible, device-independent layouts.

Here's the event invitation and hangout link if you'd like to RSVP.

Hope to see you on January 13th. Happy reading!