Nerd Alert 74: Do encoders dream of electric sheep?


What we're reading this week

  Adam: Project Include is an effort to foster diversity and inclusion, particularly in tech and startup companies. Their recently published list of recommendations has a number of concrete steps any company can take to build an inclusive culture and give everyone a fair shot at success.

  Ben: Build a Raspi-based NPR One player following these instructions from Adafruit, using this command-line NPR One player. (h/t @alykat)

  Jack: In the past, news publishers built massive distribution networks and controlled their own financial destiny. Today, Facebook is the paperboy. How did we get here?

  Julia: Kajero is a super cool interactive JavaScript notebook (like IPython but for JS) that allows you to create Markdown documents with executable code blocks that you can edit in-browser. It has built-in support for D3.js and you can export your notebooks as Gists on GitHub.

  Ryan: "In other words: Warner had just DMCA'd an artificial reconstruction of a film about artificial intelligence being indistinguishable from humans, because it couldn't distinguish between the simulation and the real thing."

  Sinduja: Beware journalists! According to this article in the Columbia Journalism Review, getting fooled by fake news websites is easier than we imagine.

  Inndy: Surveyor 1 was America's first soft-landing spacecraft to successfully land on the moon – the "robotic precursor of the Apollo astronauts to come." Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of its landing.


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Work we admire by our journalism peers

We'd like to recognize a bit of D3.js news nerdery this week.

WNYC's Noah Veltman made a strip map with labels.

Vijith Assar of the New York Times released a deep-linking plugin for D3.

And if D3 makes you crazy, the Wall Street Journal's Elliot Bentley wrote a great post about a better way to structure D3 code.


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Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Check out the inaugural episode of NPR’s Code Switch podcast,Can We Talk About Whiteness?

WATCH: The Present is very cute.

READ: Nostalgic for '90s cartoons? The Pitch Meeting for Animaniacs will satisfy your daily dose of "things that must have happened."

Have a little fun with it.