News Quiz Shortcode Plugin Now Available On

A little while ago, our apprentice, Will Haynes, released the initial version of what we're now calling the News Quiz Shortcode. We're happy to announce that the plugin is now listed in the WordPress plugin directory.

Built on top of Mother Jones’ NewsQuiz.js library, this WordPress plugin allows you to build a quiz in Google Drive and embed it with a shortcode into a WordPress post.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.46.01 PM

This could be used to test readers’ understanding of material, or just to expose them to the questions in an interactive way.

Grading of questions happens inline, at the bottom of the widget. Settings exist to control both the size and flow of the plugin, as documented in the project readme.

Try out the example quiz embedded in this post, or check out how INN member Youth Today is using it to support a piece exploring how the income gap affects scoring on college entrance exams.

To see how to build a quiz of your own using this plugin, how to format your Google spreadsheet, etc. please see Mother Jones’ documentation for the original quiz library.

Here's the sample quiz from the example: