Nerd Alert Issue 20: Infinite Monkeys

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What we're reading this week

  Adam: In earlier days we focused a lot on creating pixel-perfect designs for the web tailor-made for an “ideal” viewport or standard screen size, but with the advent of responsive design and the proliferation of different devices and screen sizes we increasingly have to embrace the chaos and understand that our designs will simply never be perfect.

  Ben: The U.S. federal government has two flagship digital dev shops: 18F and USDS. Ben Balter’s post discussing similarities and differences between the two is pretty interesting.

  Dani: Do you fly often for work or pleasure? This algorithm calculates which US airports and airlines suck.

  Kaeti: Ted Irvine writes thoughtfully about why we should all take vacations. For those of us fortunate enough to have vacation time, it’s good to remember that work isn’t paramount. Rest makes our work — and lives — better. So … who wants to go to Mexico?

  Meredith: What happens to metaphors like left of the dial when FM Radio disappears?

 Nick: It’s been a big challenge for me to go from comfortably commuting to an office filled with people to working remotely from home surrounded only by cats. So many of the remote working articles and blog posts I’ve read take it for granted that the reader is comfortable with this social isolation, but I’m not. This article on How to find the perfect remote working setup for you is one of few I’ve found that considers the possibility that remote working might be hard for you, and has some great tips on your options without quitting your remote work job.

  Ryan: Learn all about the nearly four thousand satellites orbiting the earth at this very moment.

  Will: “Designing News: Changing the World of Editorial Design and Information Graphics” by Francesco Franchi has been sitting on my coffee table for a year and this week I finally got a chance to pick it up. It’s packed with interesting case studies and analysis of both print and digital products. Read it cover to cover, or just skip through the sections. It’s expensive — so find it at your local library.

  Bert: Oook ook oooooook.


Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: From NPR, a step in the evolution of jazz piano.

COOK: Chef Monkey's fish burritos.

WATCH: A conversation with Koko.

GIF: It's Shakespeare, I tell you.