Pym.js Embeds version Now with AMP ⚡️ support!

It's hard to do truly custom interactives work within WordPress. INN Labs' Pym.js Embeds plugin is built to make it easier for your newsroom to embed your latest data project, with help from NPR's Pym.js library.

Other solutions often involve pasting JavaScript into the post editor, disabling or bypassing parts of WordPress' security filters, or using interactive-builder plugins that limit your creative freedom.

All that Pym.js Embeds requires is a place to host your interactive as a standalone HTML page, and that you use NPR's Pym.js library in your interactive to make it resizable. Our plugin provides the seamless WordPress integration. Take the URL of your interactive and embed it in posts using the Block Editor or shortcodes. We handle the rest!

For the first time, thanks to the efforts of Claudiu Lodromanean and Weston Ruter, the Pym.js Embeds plugin supports the official WordPress AMP ⚡️ plugin. With both plugins installed, your Pym.js-based iframes will now be displayed as <amp-iframe> tags when your site is viewed through AMP.

Since amp-iframe now includes Pym.js's messages as a supported protocol, your embedded content is now more likely to work in AMP sites than it was before. As Google drives more content to your AMP pages, your readers will continue to have the same first-class experience they'd have if the reader viewed your full site.

This release also fixes some minor documentation issues, and we've improved this plugin's contribution guidelines on GitHub for external contributors.

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