Here at INN Labs, we write a lot of code.

We're committed to providing software solutions of the highest quality, and we build upon open-source platforms like WordPress to create sites with the flexibility and control that news organizations need. As such, we're dedicated to working in the open and contributing back to the open-source and journalism-tech communities that have laid the foundation for our work and enabled us to better serve our clients and partners.

Our team manages a number of open-source projects — most notably Largo, our WordPress theme for publishers. We've also released supplemental publishing plugins that enable even more capabilities for independent publishers.

Below are some of the tools we've developed. We'd love to hear from you if you're using any of our code — and if you'd like assistance getting set up, please get in touch! It's great to hear from users, and there are lots of ways we can help.


Largo logo

Largo: The WordPress Theme for Publishers

  • Powerful Publishing Tools: Largo enables curated content, editorial series, author management, transparent revisions, and much, much more.
  • Responsive Design: Clean, modern and mobile first, Largo is designed to look great and function seamlessly on any type of device.
  • Developer Friendly: With logical organization, extensive documentation, and a sample child theme, it's easy to extend Largo to fit your exact needs.

Visit the main Largo project site for more information.

Advertising Tools

DoubleClick for WordPress


Serve ads via DoubleClick for Publishers on your WordPress site with this user-friendly widget.

Super Cool Ad Inserter


Automatically insert ads, donation messaging, and other calls to action into posts at set intervals.

Easy Embeds

Pym Shortcode


Responsively embed iframes within post content – perfect for interactive graphics.

News Quiz Shortcode


This shortcode allows you to embed a news quiz created with Mother Jones’ news quiz library.

Analytics in Action

No-Nonsense Google Analytics


A simple way to embed multiple Universal Analytics codes on your site. No dashboard, no reports.

Google Analytics Popular Posts


Surface your site's most popular posts based on Google Analytics pageview data.

Public Media



Add syndicated audio, text, and images to your site via the NPR Story API. Requires an NPR API Key.

Public Media Platform


Incorporate content from the Public Media Platform on your WordPress site. Requires a PMP API Key.