About Our Team

The Institute for Nonprofit News Product and Technology Team is a group of technologists, designers and support staff focused on serving our 200 nonprofit members.

We do this by:

  • Reducing technology costs for members and helping to minimize duplication of effort by building, licensing or acquiring solutions to common problems at a network scale.
  • Increasing overall technological capacity at member organizations by providing training, support, and opportunities for knowledge sharing across the network.
  • Making members’ work look great – INN members are doing work as important as that done at the largest for-profit newsrooms, we want to make sure it looks that way and is presented in a way that maximizes impact.
  • Experimenting with emerging technologies to move the news industry (nonprofits in particular) forward, ensuring that members are able to not only keep up but also innovate and experiment.

We focus primarily on problems that we are uniquely suited to tackle at a network level, for example:

  • Hosting and supporting 30+ member websites using a WordPress-powered platform/framework we've built and maintain - http://largoproject.org
  • Building open source tools to support members' editorial work and presentation needs with the goal of making their work look as great as any of the largest for-profit newsrooms
  • Supporting editorial collaborations between member organizations, facilitated by INN's data and collaborations editor
  • Providing general technology consulting, training and developing resources to help increase the overall level of tech knowledge and ability across the network

More about us: