INN’s Tech Team Now Offers Data Consulting

We are happy to announce that INN's tech team will now offer data services as part of its consulting package for members and other journalists.

The growing tech team already offers technology consulting at highly discounted rates for members. The addition of data services means the team can now work on custom news apps from start (data cleaning and analysis) to finish (interactive apps). Stand-alone data cleaning and analysis services also are available.

We frequently hear from members who need freelance data work, either because their newsrooms don't have the resources or the time. Our goal is to provide a readily available option for those members who need help finding stories in their statewide traffic crash database, for example, or building a fully interactive and useful online map from that data.

To provide this consulting, I will work closely with Adam Schweigert and the rest of the tech team. As part of the organization's recently refocused mission, INN no longer will be facilitating editorial collaborations around common data sets. (Read more about INN's new mission statement and name here.)

I also remain on staff at IRE and will work with the NICAR Database Library team, which also has resources available to help with data analysis and cleaning. INN and IRE will collaborate to make sure the best resources are applied to each project.

Contact the tech team to discuss data services or any of your consulting needs. Or email me directly if you want to chat about any ideas.