Nerd Alert Issue 25: We think you’re pretty cool

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What we're reading this week

  Adam: DataMade’s Cathy Deng has some fantastic tips for writing documentation or communicating about technology generally. Which reminds me... if you love writing documentation, you can join our team and do it full-time.

  Ben: Remote work comes with its share of difficulties, such as meeting across time zones, keeping up-to-date, and maintaining a culture. Pajamas.iois a series of interviews with people who work remotely, and some advice on how to do it. Sometimes, they wear pajamas.

  Dani: Make stunning, CSS-customizable maps with Tilemill, a lovely Mapbox tool with awesome documentation.

  David: A door as a design metaphor for software. If only all navigation was so intuitive.

  Kaeti: White space is not just an aesthetic choice — it influences comprehension, alters user behavior, and directs attention to the most important elements on a page.

  Meredith: The Superscript Conference: Arts Journalism and Criticism in the Digital Age is being held May 29 and 30th in Minneapolis, with panels discussing credibility, the role of nonprofit publishers, the impact of platform on community building and cultural response. The conference is offering those not able to attend a number of ways to follow along including: a livestream, a live transcript, and the blog mentorship program.

 Nick: What will happen when the 3.5 million human truck drivers in the US are replaced by robots?

  Ryan: In copyright news — since software has become an integral part of motor vehicles, and manufacturers own the copyrights for said software, GM posits that “owners” are really only licensing the right to use the car and its software when purchasing a new vehicle. Read more about the potential consequences for car enthusiasts, independent mechanics and car owners here.

  Will: This Wired piece titled “Not Every Product Needs to Be Beautiful” makes a lot of good points about maximizing limited resources as a small team (in this case, design) to focus on the right things at the right time. It’s also a reminder that good product design is about far more than pretty pixels and css.

  Bert: Practicing my hurdles.


Work we admire by out journalism peers

We're big fans of Sunlight Foundation's data-driven projects, including theirnew campaign fundraising tool. The code, of course, lives on GitHub.


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Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Here's some country soul for your soul.

COOK: Throw some chipotle-mango chicken on the grill this weekend.

WATCH: What happens when Daft Punk meets the Charleston? This, of course.

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