News Nerd Book Club June Recap

For June we read Stephen Hay's Responsive Web Design. The workflow he presents is intended to integrate visual design, content strategy and interaction design and to facilitate the entire team's participation throughout the design process.

A number of the book's suggestions are more widely adopted today than they were when the book was originally published in 2013. Many of the approaches remain valid, such as starting a design with the smallest screen in mind to clarify the hierarchy of important elements and moving from static documents to working in the browser as soon as possible.

We discussed the potential benefits, hurdles and available tools to adopt more web-based approaches to creating mockups and wireframes.

One idea for further consideration is Hay's discussion of designing for breakpoints. His approach honors the imprecise and imperfect nature of the web – different behaviors associated with different browsers and devices.

Our next hangout will be Wednesday, July 8th at 1pm EST. We will be reading James Webb Young's A Technique for Producing Ideas.

You can also have a look at our reading list and add titles you would like us to consider for future meetings.

Follow @newsnerdbooks for news of July's selection.  Hope to see you there!