Nerd Alert 54: Holidazzling


What we're reading this week

  Adam: I love this list from Quartz of the best Twitter bots of 2015. It includes some old favorites (like @thinkpiecebot) and some sure-to-become favorites (like @MagicRealismBot).

  Ben: If you’re like my family, the walls, stairs, and end tables of your abode are covered in books: a de-facto personal library. It has mass and visual presence. But what does a digital library look like, and how do you accumulate media in it? And how do RSS, Atom, and Twitter likes play into it?

  David: Animated SVGs will return some of the freedom Flash gave designers to create complex animations. This post from Smashing Magazine explores animating with SVG clipPaths.

  Jack: As somebody once said it’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. But here are a few predictions for journalism in 2016 that might be plausible. Or at least fun.

  Kaeti: This week BuzzFeed released their new CSS and component librarySolid. Here’s how they made it.

  Ryan: George Hotz is developing an autonomous vehicle system to best those offered by the likes of BMW, Teslam, Ford, and GM. He's doing so on a $50k budget, working out of his garage and aiming for a $1000 kit that can be fitted to nearly any modern vehicle.

  Inndy: Come back later, I'm watching my stories.


Work we admire by our journalism peers

ProPublica had a big week. We recommend taking time to dig into these projects:

Devils, Deals and the DEA
We Blew $17 Billion in Afghanistan. How Would You Have Spent It?
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Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Courtesy our friends at NPR, 31 hours of this year's best music

WATCH: Federal interest rates as a Rube Goldberg machine

BAKE: 52 #hottips for smarter holiday baking

EAT: This giant cinnamon roll