Nerd Alert 65: Stop Fooling Around


What we're reading this week

  Adam: An excellent post on the challenges of writing (or at least trying to write) scalable CSS.

  Ben: Adam’s link this week is an excellent follow-up to the last two weeks of CSS links in this slot, so here’s a different post by the same author: The Veil of Ignorance. Use it as a design tool.

  Jack: Is virtual reality a reality for journalism? Probably too early to know where it is in the technology adoption life cycle, but some recent VR projects have shown potential for immersive experiences that lead to deeper understanding. Sounds worthy of our efforts, if it actually can work. Here’s a great set of articles on the state of virtual storytelling.

  Julia: Learn how one news dev went about automating XKCD-style narrative charts – inspired by one of my all-time favorites: The Movie Narrative Chart.

  Ryan: Create shiny interactive maps using OpenStreetMap data with MapHub. Think: Google's "My Maps" but built using open data.

  Sinduja: Writing and getting data by issuing FOIA requests can be a long and complicated process. But the first step to even writing them is knowing what data is available and who to contact in an agency. The FOIA mapper helps you navigate this difficult process by mapping FOIA logs.

  Bert: I would never lie to you.


Work we admire by our journalism peers

story on about the EgyptAir hijacking arrest
Pitch a SRCCON session (before April 20) and help beta test a new version of Tabula while listening to some sweet, sweet tunes on NPR's new (non-flash) audio player.


Our projects, manifest

Mississippi today logoNew INN member Mississippi Today launched their site using Largo. As part of their launch, we helped them get set up with Gravity Forms and Stripe to accept both recurring and one-time donations directly through their site. We'll have a tutorial on how that's working up on our blog next week!


Good jobs with good people

The Nation Institute's Investigative Fund has launched a new fellowship for investigative reporters of color.

Knight Lab is looking for two developers.

And public radio station WAMU is hiring a digital managing editor.


Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: A ten hour loop of the Girl From Ipanema. Useful for migrations, long deployments and DNS updates.

EAT: How to cook a snake.

DRINK: 3 Floyds' Dark Lord aged in a Jeppson's Malört barrel. (or don't)

GIF: This was too big for the newsletter, but worth it. (we promise)

Time to make our getaway.

dog robber being chased by dog cop