Nerd Alert 79: Keep your chin up


What we're reading this week

  Adam: In pushing live video, how ready is Facebook to answer the complicated ethical questions that come along with it?

  Ben: One of the most important things in this list of principles of the keyboard-accessible website is the advice on keyboard shortcuts: “Developers should never unexpectedly change keyboard controls on the user.” What was the origin of the shortcut Command/Control-K to make text a link? I don’t know. But it works that way of every site with a rich text editor that I’ve used, and that’s a good thing.

  Gabe: Love this photo illustration in a profile about professional de-clutterer Marie Kondo; it captures the organized but joyful quirkiness that is her brand.

  Jack: With social media increasingly important in how people get and share information, it’s also changed how people get news, right? Actually a new study by Pew reports the vast majority of people most commonly share news using an older technology: word of mouth.

  Julia: Learn D3 basics by planting a vegetable garden.

  Inndy: Deal with it.


Work we admire by our journalism peers

This week the Marshall Project published a sobering investigation of private prison transport companies. They also included a guide on how to localize the story for your state.


Our projects, manifest

Congratulations to The Crime Report on launching their new site using our Largo WordPress framework!


Good jobs with good people

Chalkbeat is hiring a growth editor to join their product team.

Texas Tribune is looking for an investigative reporter.

Public Radio International is hiring a data editor and a data reporter.

And our team is still accepting applications for a lead WordPress developer. Come work with us!


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Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Sir Patrick Stewart sings cowboy classics.

WATCH: An incredible short film on cicadas.

EAT: How do you define barbecue?