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What we're pondering this week.

  Adam: Excellent post from a couple members of Etsy’s engineering team with 10 very practical and immediately actionable tips on how to be an effective ally to women and non-binary people.

  Ben: Shane Bauer was a prisoner in Iran, went undercover as a private prison guard, and then went undercover with a border militia. What will he do next? (Mother Jones is a member of INN; support their journalism by subscribing!)

  Gabe: How to Poison the Mobile User is an important reminder of what not to do when designing for mobile.

  Jack: Credible research shows young adults have a hard time navigating the social media echo chamber, and are increasingly skeptical of news. To address this we might learn something from librarians.

  Julia: The folks at CSS-Tricks got a little festive this week, featuring posts about “spooky” dark UX patterns and CSS selectors “from beyond the grave.” Happy Halloween, everybody.

  RC:  If you build design prototypes for mobile devices, check out Facebook’s newly released Origami Studio, which integrates with Sketch and allows you to live preview your interactive designs on your phone.

  Inndy: Nothing's gonna stop us now.


This week's guest contributor


Our guest this week is Helga Salinas (@helga_salinas), Social Media Producer at The Seattle Times.

Under Our Skin, a project by The Seattle Times, is a great example of how digital tools like videos and interactive elements can work together to allow someone to engage and experience nuanced ideas at their pace. The project is meant to start a conversation on how race is talked about by trying to define phrases like “white privilege” and “microaggression." It is not intended to offer definitive answers. One way to do this was to structure the commenting form in a way that would elicit thoughtful and honest comments.

The conversational nature of the project allowed for its content to be resurfaced and retooled after its initial publish date. Shorter videos were made for sharing via Facebook at pertinent times. In addition, the team behind Under Our Skin has been invited to speak and demonstrate the project at local events, including festivals, university panels and community councils. At these events, the videos help facilitate these difficult discussions in person.

That being said, I have to give a shout out to the amazing people who were a part of the project from the beginning. #FF:@audcarls, @callmeshirleyq, @laurenfrohne, @CorinneChin, @tyrone_beason, @anikaanand00, @gawlowski, and @LShawST. We invite you to visit the project and email us your thoughts at

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Work we admire by our journalism peers

Mozilla's Open Innovation Toolkit is a comprehensive collection of methods and best practices for product development. The toolkit is "an invitation to the wider open source community to keep building on and improving the innovation process for our open, distributed communities." Find out how you can contribute here.


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Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Bobby McFerrin and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra sing the William Tell Overture.

WATCH: A story about a girl who lives in a simulation.

EAT: Halloween ramen.?

DRINK: The Black Diablo. ?

It was a graveyard smash!