Week 2: Immersion Continues

Last Friday marked the end of my second week at INN. To be honest, though, it feels like I've been here for much longer - something I take as a sign of great culture fit. Everything that was so new in the first week is becoming more familiar and the continued support of the INN team is making it exciting to ramp up quickly.

The beginning of week two was a continuation of the first few days; squaring things away with my computer setup, reading more team documentation, and getting to know the rest of the team that I hadn't connected with in week one. By Wednesday, things started to "kick into high gear" as I dove into looking at our help desk and support workflows. I also paired up with teammates and felt empowered by learning the nuances of what we do and how we do them, which can otherwise be difficult to document. Sometimes there's no substitute for meeting "in person" (and in our case through video) and talking through an idea, approach, or problem.

I also began to learn more about our incredible members, the powerful stories they produce and the challenges they face. I look forward to continuing to learn about our members, our services, and the nonprofit news industry this week!