Improvements to our Support Process

We're happy to announce that we are rolling out new improvements for how we provide Largo support. These changes aim to streamline the process of submitting support tickets and to make our comprehensive support documents easier to find and use.

As of today, here are the changes that you may notice:

  • You no longer need a login for our support portal to submit a request.
    • Simply send an email to at any time and we will be in touch with an answer.
  • will continue to house our extensive knowledge base where you can find how-to guides and answers to common questions.
  • Now, whenever you're on, you'll have access to our knowledge base from every page, as well as an opportunity to send us a question. Just click on the icon in the lower right corner.

Additionally, we're implementing a number of internal process improvements to maximize our team's efficiency in processing support requests. This will lead to better response times and availability of our support services when you need them.

We will continue to revise and expand the Largo project documentation and develop new training resources to answer common questions about setting up and running a Largo website.

If you need assistance with your Largo site, the process is still as follows:

  • Visit and search the knowledgebase to see if your question has already been answered.
  • Developers may want to consult the Largo documentation and site administrators and editors and authors might want to reference our Largo user guides.
  • If you’re still unable to find an answer to your question and require further assistance, send an email to and we’ll do our best to help.
  • In some cases, if your request requires more one-on-one assistance or custom development, we may ask you to pay for this work. You can learn more about our consulting services here.

We're excited to roll out these changes as a part of our ongoing commitment to our members, Largo users, and the journalism community.

Thanks for using Largo!

We want to hear from you! If you have suggestions for how we can improve our support or have any questions, feel free to reach us anytime or sign up to join our weekly open office hours.