Nerd Alert 110: When Bots Write News


What we're reading this week

Ben: You watched Arrival, right? Wolfram has posted all the code from a recent live stream discussing the analysis of the heptapod language on Github.

Gabe: I have no words for Christoph Niemann’s masterpiece story on the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

 Julia: Did some reading on CSS this week: an ode to element queries and a cheat sheet comparing CSS Grid Layout and Flexbox.

 Kay: The Columbia Journalism Review’s ongoing Platform and Publishers project reveals 10 interesting takeaways on how publishers are using social media platforms.

 RC: Read about Alphabet subsidiary Jigsaw and their new Conversation API - an AI-driven solution for combating internet trolls.

 Inndy: What do news-writing bots mean for the future of journalism?


Work we admire by our journalism peers

Reveal Oroville Dam

Awesome work by the team at Reveal. They took a deep look at the Oroville Dam to show us how America’s tallest dam nearly overflowed.


Good jobs with good people

ProPublica has a bunch of job openings for their new Illinois office.

NPR Visuals is hiring a summer intern.

VTDigger is hiring a Chief Innovation Officer and a Social Media / Community Editor.

The Better Government Association (BGA) seeks a full-time Civic Engagement & Special Projects Coordinator.

Reveal is hiring an Investigations Editor.

The Sunlight Foundation is hiring an Operations Manager.

Mississippi Today is hiring a Product/Web Designer and Developer.

Chicago Public Media is hiring a Developer.

IRE is seeking a Training Director.

The Tor Project is seeking a Communications Director.

Vox Media’s Storytelling Studio is looking for a Front-End Designer.

INN is hiring a Grant Officer & Writer and a Director of INN Labs.

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Our work

Last Friday we launched the re-design of our Largo Project website. We also created a new Support Landing Page that consolidates all of our available support resources. Our design apprentice, Gabe Hongsdusit, wrote about the process of creating illustrations and animations for the re-design in a recent blog post.


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IRL happenings

Julia and Ben are heading to Jacksonville, FL for NICAR next week – find them and say hello, and stop by Julia’s Thursday morning panel on remote working.


Gather ye rosebuds

 A Take Away Show with Lee Fields. ?

WATCH: Every New York Times front page since 1852.

EAT: These simple yet sophisticated 3-ingredient parmesan shortbreads are the perfect complement to your weekend cocktails.

DRINK: Can You Taste the Music? Breweries and Bands Collaborate on Beers Inspired by Song.

Now as you were.