Nerd Alert 112: La La Labs


What we're reading this week

Ben: Today’s link is a very long post, and it opens with an anecdote about how a comic author was almost driven to suicide by people who objected to his words, but it’s worth a read. “Empowerment” emphasizes identifying ways that people have agency and can change things, rather than telling them that everything is hopeless and run by a flawless conspiracy.

Gabe: Side projects give interviewees a chance to talk about their passions, how they work, and how they manage their time. What are questions you should be thinking of when you talk about your side project?

 Julia: This interactive graphic looks at gender equality and dialogue in 2016’s highest grossing films. And here’s a look at how it was made.

 Kay: Listen up, video journalists! Make sure to check out this app reviewed by Poynter. It gives you more control over the camera in your phone and lets you monitor your audio with headphones while filming.

 RC: A huge step forward for collaborative editing in WordPress: Google Docs integration is now available on and via Jetpack.

 Inndy: Who’s a good dog?


Are you shining just for me?


This week the team got together in person for an INN staff meeting in LA. It was a great way to set goals for the future, collaborate on Largo, do some team building, and plan for INN Day. It was an incredibly productive week. Go team!


Work we admire by our journalism peers


OpenNews recently introduced their field guide to open source in the newsroom. The guidebook walks you through the entire open-sourcing process, from getting your first release to handing off your project. If you’re interested in contributing, check out this guide.


Stay in the know

Sunshine Week starts this Sunday across the country, spanning from San Francisco to Minneapolis. Check out all of the panels, workshops, and events about the latest development in freedom of information resources.

MuckRock will be hosting two free events in Boston on all things FOIA-related.


Good jobs with good people

INN is hiring a Grant Officer & Writer and a Director of  INN Labs.

The Center for Public Integrity is hiring a News Application Developer/Data Journalist.

The Marshall Project is hiring for a Multimedia Editor, an Immigration Reporter, a Membership Manager and Communications and Development Associate.

The Lens is looking for an Environment Reporter.

Mother Jones is hiring for a Facilities Manager, a Managing/Production editor and for a Mother Jones Documentary Film Residency.

ProPublica has a bunch of job openings for their new Illinois office.

NPR Visuals is hiring a Summer Intern.

VTDigger is hiring a Chief Innovation Officer and a Social Media / Community Editor.

The Better Government Association (BGA) seeks a Development Assistant, a Board Liaison & Development Associate, and has Internships available.

Reveal is hiring an Investigations Editor.

The Sunlight Foundation is hiring an Operations Manager.

Mississippi Today is hiring a Product/Web Designer and Developer.

Chicago Public Media is hiring a Developer.

The Tor Project is seeking a Communications Director.

Vox Media’s Storytelling Studio is looking for a Front-End Designer.

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Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: It’s been 11 years since we started taking the hobbits to Isengard.

EAT: Laksa in 30 minutes.

DRINK: Kombucha cocktails. Best drunk before yoga.

READ: 3 ways to fix a broken news industry.

Shake it.