Nerd Alert 127: The magic word is nerd


RC: For an Inclusive Culture, Try Working Less.

Julia: The Stanford Open Policing Project released data on millions of state patrol stops – explore the data and review their findings..

Gabe: Here is an excellent curated list of all resources relating to Sass and SCSS, including frameworks, style guides and animations. (s/o to Aleszu for the link idea).

Kay: The case for why you need to think about author-focused design (instead of the typical reader-focused design).

Ben: The most interesting part of this list of 9 ways to end your stories is that they’re not just applicable to journalism. Good writing is good writing.

Inndy: This is what happens when you teach an AI to name guinea pigs.


Our projects, manifest

Who’s behind the awesome INN tech team? We’re introducing a new series of blog posts for you to get to know us better. Our first post is about Ben Keith, our News Apps Developer.


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June 27: Last day to submit paper to Visualizar17: Migrations

June 27: Last day to apply for an Open News Ticket+Travel Scholarship

June 27: Curso de Realidad Virtual para Web (Online)

June 29: Google Amp, APIs and Tagging: Future Proofing Content @ the Trib (Austin, TX)

June 30: Last day to apply to be an Internet Freedom Festival Fellow

June 30: Last day to apply to Lenfest Institute’s Entrepreneur in Residence program and Local News and Information Innovation grants


The Lens published a story tracking how many school lights work in New Orleans.
The Texas Tribune looked at which Texas bills passed and which failed.

The Knight Foundation has announced support for 20 projects aimed at increasing trust in the news and improving the spread of accurate information. Read more about the projects here.


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Good jobs with good people

NPR is hiring a Technology Manager, Web Developer, and Mobile Developer.

The University of Maryland is looking for a Lecturer on News Interaction Design and Development.

Vox is looking for a Front-End Engineer (Audience Development) and Senior Designer.

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Gather ye rosebuds

READ: The Future is Not College But Compassion ❤️

LISTEN: Roxane Gay on Fresh Air ?

EAT: Miso Glazed Tofu ??

DRINK: Shiso Fine (Do-lang, Do-lang, Do-lang) ?

WATCH: How to do 12 different accents ?

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