Nerd Alert 205


What we're reading this week

Ben: Heather Bryant raises an interesting point in this thread about reimbursements for conference costs: the reimbursement model requires applicants to front the cash. What if there were an organization that gave conference attendees up front funding in exchange for the scholarship's later reimbursement money?

Paola: Save the date! On March 5th at 9 a.m., Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, will join Washington Post columnist David Ignatius and share his views on the rise of disinformation and censorship, threats to digital privacy, and more. This event will be livestreamed through the Washington Post. Get all the event details here!

Tyler: My favorite budding tradition at the NICAR conference is a session spotlighting how small, local newsrooms are doing exceptional work in data journalism, digital storytelling or general news nerdery. Got a project that fits that bill? Submit it here (whether or not you're going to NICAR).

Kay: New research from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism confirms what we've known: clicks do not determine the value of an article and there's an opportunity for more personalization.

🤖 Inndy: So long and thanks for all the cool Mars photos, Opportunity.


Work we admire by our journalism/tech peers

Congratulations to INN member Centro de Periodismo Investigativo, whose collaborative investigation with Quartz and the Associated Press, Hurricane Maria's Dead, won first place in the 2018 Philip Meyer Awards.

More than 200 student journalists worked in collaboration with media organizations, including the Trace, on the Since Parkland project, which tells the stories of 1200 children killed by gun violence since the Parkland shooting one year ago.

Storybench wrote up a quick summary of interesting projects at the the 2019 Computation + Journalism Symposium, including automated article creation, easy textual analysis, and a look at the media's obsession with social media sources.


Be in the know

February 20: Deadline to apply to the next Join the Beat community of practice for beat reporters interested in audience engagement.
February 21:
WordPress 5.1 planned release date.
February 25-27:  Knight Media Forum in Miami, FL.
February 27: Two weeks 'til NICAR. Get your flu shot!
February 28: The next biweekly Source Community Call.
March 3: Deadline to apply for a nonprofit fellowship at the 2019 Eyeo Festival.
March 7-9: AEJMC Midwinter Conference in Norman, OK.
March 7-9: NICAR Conference in Newport Beach, CA.
March 8-17: South by Southwest in Austin, TX.
March 15: AAJA's open call for pitches closes.
April 7: Deadline for the Data Journalism Awards.
April 10: Deadline to apply for the Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism.


Good jobs with good people

American Public Media is hiring a digital analytics manager.
Colorado Public Radio is hiring a web developer.
NPR is hiring a product manager for voice platforms.
PBS NewsHour is hiring a senior UX designer.
The Texas Tribune is hiring a visuals team developer/designer.
Northeastern University is hiring a data visualization designer and a front-end web developer.
SCPR's Resound project is hiring software engineers in Pasadena, CA and Boston, MA.
Chicago Public Media is hiring a lead software engineer.
The Markup is hiring several editorial and product roles.

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Gather ye rosebuds

WATCH: xkcd tv. 📺

EAT: Molten caramel cake. 🍴

DRINK: A pink gin/campari cocktail. 🍷

You're all our Valentines in nerdery.