New Plugin Launch: Republication Tracker Tool

INN Labs is happy to announce our newest plugin, the Republication Tracker Tool.

The Republication Tracker Tool allows publishers to share their stories by other websites and then track engagement of those shared stories with Google Analytics. The technology behind this tracking is similar to ProPublica’s PixelPing.

Why Might You Want to Use This Plugin?

  • Grow your audience and pageviews: Other publishers and readers acquire and re-distribute your content with a Creative-Commons license.
  • Better republishing reporting: View what publishers that are republishing your content and analyze engagement.
  • Foster collaborations: Gather supporting data to build relationships with other publishers who may be republishing your content.

How Publishers Republish Your Content

A simple “Republish This Story” button is added to your posts through a WordPress widget. This enables your stories to be republished by other sites who may want to use it and then to track engagement of those republished stories via Google Analytics

Sample republication button (style can be customized).

Track Republished Posts in WordPress

Once one of your stories has been republished, you will easily be able to see how many times it has been republished, how many republished views it has, who has republished it, and the URL of where it was republished, all from the WordPress edit screen for that story.

Example of republication data in the edit screen of a WordPress post.

Track Republished Posts in Google Analytics

Another valuable feature of the Republication Tracker Tool is all of your republished post data is also tracked in your Google Analytics account. Once you have your Google Analytics ID configured in the Republication Tracker Tool settings, you will be able to log into Google Analytics and view who has republished your stories, who is republishing most of your stories, and more.

Example of republication data within Google Analytics.

More Information and Feedback

For more information about how the plugin works:

You can download the Republication Tracker Tool from the plugin repository or through your website’s WordPress plugin page.

The initial release of this plugin was made possible by valuable INN member testing and feedback. If your organization uses the plugin, please let us know and continue sending us suggestions for improvement. Thank you!

The Republication Tracker Tool is one of the many WordPress plugins maintained by INN Labs, the tech and product team at the Institute for Nonprofit News.