Nerd Alert 38: Bert’s Pancake ‘n’ Pizza World


Our thoughts are with everyone who loved Alison Parker and Adam Ward. #WeStandWithWDBJ7


What we're reading this week

  Adam: News sites have gotten a bad reputation for being pretty miserable to use by overloading their pages with ads, popups, social buttons and other gadgets. Designer Brad Frost has documented a number of anti-patterns to avoid (make sure to turn on the bullshit).

  Ben: Don’t use .dev for development domains - it’s a real top-level domain now:

  David: This post explores the WordPress Transients API and use cases for leveraging it. Here's a great tutorial using them to push plugin updates from GitHub via the GitHub API.

  Kaeti: Why it’s important that we design tools with emotional intelligence.

  Bert: Would you patronize Bert's Pancake 'n' Pizza World?

This week we bid farewell to our summer apprentice Dani Litovsky Alcala who did great work with INN members on data projects! All the best, Dani!

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LISTEN: Stand by each other. Be excellent to one another.

COOK: Go crave these Quinoa lunch bowls. Not a joke.

WATCH: We always *knew* Android versions are delicious but...

GIF: Explore the world, bring a friend!