Nerd Alert Issue 35: So easy a snake person could use it!


"We cannot always build the future for our websites,
but we can build our websites for the future."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt


What we're reading this week

  Adam: A lot of good ideas in this post by Olivia Cheng, a designer at the Sunlight Foundation, about how they’re working to make their design process more open.

  Ben: Here’s how a recent WordPress vulnerability was found. Don’t worry! The patch has already been released.

  Dani: Uber’s model to predict where we are actually going. Warning: fun statistics math ahead.

  David: A handsome, open source, DIY Netflix app to run on your server. BYO on the binge viewers.

  Kaeti: Research often means admitting what you don’t know and interrogating your assumptions. Scary stuff. Erika Hall breaks down why it’s so essential and how to make it happen.

  Ryan: Making self-driving cars, it turns out, is hard. Consider the split-second decisions the machine might need to make in an emergency situation and you'll understand why they're not (yet) in widespread use.

  Bert: This is why we can't have nice things.

This week's guest contributor: Retha Hill, Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab, Professor of Practice at The Cronkite School.

Look around your non-profit newsroom. Is there anything missing? Say, a brown or black face? If the answer is yes, you are more like mainstream media in one important regard -- diversity, or lack thereof. A new Nieman Reports has eye-opening looks at Race and Reporting and makes the case for more inclusion. But what is a better read is Alex T. Williams’ look behind the numbers into why we have a diversity problem today despite the availability of young journalists of color.

Check it out, then look around your newsroom one more time, then look in the mirror and ask yourself what you might need to change to do better.

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Work we admire by our journalism peers

One year in Ferguson

An immersive multimedia project from St. Louis Public Radio.


Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Sick beats.

COOK: Not October yet, so still OK to share pumpkin things. But these are way more than pumpkin things.

WATCH: Squad goals to be this cool and fearless.

GIF: Summer is for getting outdoors! Seize the weekend.