Announcing Largo 0.5.3 – Widget and Sharing Tool Improvements

This week we released the latest version of Largo (version 0.5.3), INN's WordPress framework for news websites, with a number of significant improvements.

Most notably, in this release we wanted to improve the styling and performance of widgets throughout Largo to make everything a little more stable, consistent and easier to modify and maintain from child themes.

In addition, we rolled out the first part of a revision to sharing tools on article pages that we hope will simultaneously increase sharing and also reduce the overall weight of pages and improve load time.

There are also a number of bug fixes and developer-facing improvements that you can read all about in the release notes on GitHub.

This update has already been applied for sites that we host, but if you're a non-INN member or hosting Largo elsewhere, you can download the latest version from the project repository on GitHub.

Note that if you're using a version earlier than 0.4 and have done any significant customization to Largo or a child theme then you'll likely want to do some extra testing because the jump from 0.3 to 0.4+ is a fairly significant change.

Next up in version 0.5.4, slated for a release late this year, is a further improvement to the sharing tools as well as some refinements to site headers and navigation. Stay tuned!