Nerd Alert 84: Robot Love


What we're reading this week

  Adam: As a firm believer that the design of digital products should learn from and extend the design of the physical world, a reminder that midcentury modern design has a lot to teach us.

  Ben: One Second Code is a neat interactive demonstrator of how fast computers can be.

  Gabe: Illustrator Elenor Kopka has a delightfully weird animation that is creepy, psychedelic and just plain adorable. Check out her spectacular, interactive portfolio here.

  Jack: The Vox Storytelling Studio is exploring some interesting new models for digital newsby putting the “product” team smack in the middle of the “news” team. Hey, maybe we’re all part of the same team.

  Julia: This Poynter piece about bots and bylines received some important feedback aboutnewsroom developers and editorial authority.

  RC: This compilation of resources on paid & sustainable open source development is worth thumbing through.

  Inndy: ???


This week's guest contributor

Our guest this week is Rachel Schallom (@rschallom), senior editor for interactives at Fusion.

It’s been really wonderful to shift the focus in the interactive world from politics to the Olympics. This is an awesome combination of well thought-out data visualizations and animations incomparing Michael Phelps to himself. Lately I’ve felt like the NYT’s color palette has been more focused, and the projects have better flow because of it.

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Work we admire by our journalism peers

In case you missed it: a really helpful step-by-step guide from McClatchy developer Greg Linch on how to get an instance of open-source data visualization tool Datawrapper running on your own server.


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Good jobs with good people

INN is hiring a program director and an operations manager.

St. Louis Public Radio is hiring a digital and special projects editor.

Reveal...revealed a new investigative fellowship for emerging journalists of color.

Texas Tribune is looking for a front-end engineer.

And the Online News Association is hiring a new digital manager.

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Gather ye rosebuds

READ: Women's gymnastics deserves better TV coverage.

WATCH: Peter Peterlini's greatest hits.

BUILD: A walking table. Because why not?

EAT: Help Eater collect the worst restaurant names in existence.

Come for the links, stay for the latest innovations in mass transit.