Nerd Alert 100: Happy 100th Nerd Alert!


What we're pondering this week.

  Adam: This week the American Press Institute published some helpful guidance on producing longform stories. Among the topics they cover: how to choose which stories deserve special treatment, how to involve your community in the story process before, during and after publication and more.

  Ben: Do you look at links in your emails before you click them? From Yahoo, how to detect a phishing email. I found one in my inbox this morning.

  Gabe: Asana has a detailed rebranding story that features sky gradients, unicorns and Predator's aiming laser of death.

  Julia: An Advent calendar filled with data journalism tools, brought to you by Journocode.

  RC: If you’re looking for something lighthearted and uplifting to read on a Friday afternoon, then Brace yourself: the most disruptive phase of globalization is just beginning is probably not it.

  Inndy: Wah! Wah! ??


Our projects, manifest

Adam joined 10 other contributors in D.C. for a special OpenNews code convening. They worked on building the first draft of a guidebook for open-source newsroom code. They’ll hand over the draft to a team of remote editors and eventually publish it through Github. Stay tuned!


Work we admire by our journalism peers

Congressional Research Service reports are an effective way to receive unbiased information on political issues. Back in October, Daniel Schuman of Demand Progress wrote about the importance of making these reports publicly available. So far has published 8,299 CRS reports. You can support their work here.


Good jobs with good people

ProPublica is launching an Illinois unit and will be looking for investigative journalists.

NPR is looking for a Training Manager.

Mother Jones is looking for a Web Developer.

INN is hiring a Support and Community Lead.

If you're looking for general jobs in nonprofit news, the main INN newsletter had over 18 job openings this week. Check it out and sign up here if you'd like to get that in your inbox every week. Two INN newsletters are better than one!


Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Schubert: Piano Trio in E-flat major, Op. 100.

WATCH: This corgi puppy's 100 happiest moments.

EAT: 100 ways to use beer in food and drinks.

DRINK: The Diamondback – a 100 proof cocktail.

Keep it ?