Nerd Alert 99: One, two, skip a few…


What we're reading this week.

  Adam: Rekha Murthy proposes a framework for how public media should conduct journalism in the age of Donald Trump. Worth a read even if you’re not in public media, as independent nonprofit news organizations puzzle through many of the same questions.

  Ben: WordCamp US is happening today and this weekend. Not everyone can make it, so they’re streaming the sessions live. You do need to register to watch the streams, but the cost of admission is only your email address.

  Gabe: Check out this fabulous list of UI inspiration specifically for news sites. You’ll find nifty transitions, beautiful layouts, and clean interfaces. Like what you see? We’d love to help.

  Julia: AllSides lets you peruse daily news from Left, Right, and Center.

  RC: Check out The Economist’s work from the Trust Project hackathon this past week in London.

  Inndy: Remembering Robert the Robot, America's original toy robot sensation.


Our projects, manifest

RC made a trip across the pond to participate in a hack event organized by The Trust Project in London earlier this week. The goal was to create tools that can help news organizations meet eight "trust factors" that consumers have identified as important in judging what to believe. RC worked with some folks from the BBC to develop a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to correlate reporters' topical expertise with story topics, such that contextual reporter bios can be displayed with related stories. Stayed tuned next week for the plugin release!


Work we admire by our journalism peers

Kudos to ProPublica for their continuing coverage of hate crimes – who commits them, where they happen, and who should be tracking them.


Good jobs with good people

INN is hiring a Support and Community Lead.

KERA is looking for a Digital Designer-Developer.

Oregon Public Broadcasting is looking for a Senior Digital Platform Developer.

If you're looking for general jobs in nonprofit news, the main INN newsletter had 18 job openings this week. Check it out and sign up here if you'd like to get that in your inbox every week. Receiving two newsletters from INN is twice as good as one!


Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Faster and faster and faster and faster and...

WATCH: Irish taste-testers test-taste American burgers.

EAT: Roasted honey sriracha brussels sprouts. Verified delicious.

DRINK: Apple cider mimosas. Everything's better with champagne.

Let's all take a break from our screens for a moment, shall we?