Illustrating and Animating for the New Largo Project Site


Have you noticed something different about the Largo Project site? We redesigned it to make it more engaging and helpful to users.

This was also an opportunity for me to create a set of product illustrations and icons that would liven up the user interface. Here’s my process for creating those product illustrations.

Style Mapping

Illustration conveys information; what did I want to convey about the Largo Project? Given my experience working with the tech team, I wanted my illustrations to feel:

  • Friendly
  • Approachable
  • Hand-crafted

I brainstormed a few different styles and talked with our lead designer Julia.

After sketching and playing around with various ideas, I came up with these approaches.

Style exploration

We agreed that the “Abstract Matisse” style was fun, original and visually interesting. However, I was concerned that it required too much interpretation from the viewer. I also didn't want the illustrations to overshadow the copy surrounding it.

With that in mind, I decided to explore a more literal route.

Simple vector illustrations are the go-to for websites nowadays; just check the front page of Dribble. They convey information effectively and look good, but also tend to be devoid of any personality. I knew that this style would be a straightforward way to get the job done, but I also wanted to challenge myself.

My goal: to find an effective medium that incorporates the fun, loose style of “Abstract Matisse” but doesn't require too much interpretation. Here’s what I came up with:

The style was abstract enough to be visually interesting but literal enough that you wouldn’t need to guess what it represents. And with that style in mind, I created the following illustrations.



Animation can be that extra pop that brings standard illustrations to life. While creating various icons for the Largo site, I found an opportunity to incorporate animation to make the user interface more dynamic. It’s an added effort that reflects how the Largo framework is crafted with care.

I tinkered with CSS to display the animation on hover states, as seen below:

I didn’t want to incorporate animation into every illustration; that would feel too noisy and chaotic. Instead, I decided to add a subtle animation to our Support Page that would function as a nice surprise.

If you hover over the cat, she'll start wagging her tail!

Animated GIFS like these look complex but are actually quite simple.  A GIF is really just a series of still frames being played in a loop.

For this particular GIF, I only had to make 8 different frames to create the full animation. With each frame I made a slight modification to her tail. Here are the different frames.

I put the different frames together in Photoshop, added some background visual elements and ta-dah!

You can check out all of the illustrations, icons, and GIFS in action on the Largo homepage and support page. Thanks for reading!