Nerd Alert 109: Eclipse Season


What we're reading this week

Adam: Take ‘er easy.

Ben: Digital Rights Management is probably a boring topic, but the consortium that effectively governs the web is trying to decide whether or not it should be included in web browsers. Ars Technica explains what it is, why it’s controversial, why some people want it included, and why some people wouldn’t touch it with a 39½-foot pole.

Gabe: Calling all LGBT/Queer women and allies in tech! Lesbians Who Tech will be having their annual summit in San Francisco next weekend. Livestream tickets for the event are free.

 Julia: Data sonification (using audio to represent data) is a hobby of mine, and I thought this experiment by a motion designer was a neat way of transforming keyframe animations into sound.

 Kay: Don’t miss this week’s 3 to Read, which covers the growing impact of news deserts, Wikipedia’s banning of the Daily Mail, and two views on holding on tight to print.

 RC: Google released some tutorials on telling a story using Google Maps and how to fact-check an image.

 Inndy: You talking to me?


Work we admire by our journalism peers


Props to the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, which is hosting #DataRescue events across the country to do important things like archiving NASA’s earth science data.


Good jobs with good people

VTDigger is hiring a Chief Innovation Officer and a Social Media / Community Editor.

The Better Government Association (BGA) seeks a full-time Civic Engagement & Special Projects Coordinator.

Reveal is hiring an Investigations Editor.

The Sunlight Foundation is hiring an Operations Manager.

Mississippi Today is hiring a Product/Web Designer and Developer.

ProPublica is hiring a Reporter, Senior Editor, Web Producer, and a number of other positions.

Chicago Public Media is hiring a Developer.

IRE is seeking a Training Director.

The Tor Project is seeking a Communications Director.

Vox Media’s Storytelling Studio is looking for a Front-End Designer.

INN is hiring a Grant Officer & Writer.

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Our work

Last Friday we launched the re-design of our Largo Project website. We also created a new Support Landing Page that consolidates all of our available support resources. Our design apprentice, Gabe Hongsdusit, wrote about the process of creating illustrations and animations for the re-design in a recent blog post.

Adam and Ben have also written a comprehensive post on building donation forms using Gravity Forms, Mailchimp, and Stripe. We encourage you to read through the post and experiment with these tools. Our support team is happy to assist.


We love you back

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The clock is ticking

The deadline is February, 20, 2017 for submitting a proposal to In These Times' Goodman Institute for Investigative Reporting.


Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: The Magic iPod.

WATCH: Ashe Dryden's keynote on The Ethics of Open Source at MozFest 2016.

EAT: Zoodles don’t have to taste like sadness.

DRINK: With Duncan.

Happy trails, Adam.