Nerd Alert 114: Enter At Your Own Risk


What we're reading this week

 Ben: "The more you let engagement metrics drive editorial, the more your site will look like a Taboola widget".

 Gabe: Some general tips for talking tech with non-tech people. Don’t assume anything and be ready to explain things in multiple ways, because people have different ways of understanding things.

 Julia: Check out the American Press Institute's report on how Americans decide what news to trust on social media.

 Kay: Uncovering forgotten stories in handwritten text: the Europeana Transcribe project is using crowdsourcing to transform over 200,000 items from WWI into digital data for journalists and historians.

 RC: Check out Foxhound, the first REST API-powered theme on

 Inndy: Boaty McBoatface embarks on its first tour of duty.


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Today's shout out goes to all the Capitol Hill reporters.


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Good jobs with good people

Maplight is hiring a Development Manager.

Searchlight New Mexico is hiring a Senior Data Journalist and Investigative Reporters.

Mother Jones has a Documentary Film Residency.

INN is hiring a Director of  INN Labs.

The Center for Public Integrity is hiring a News Application Developer/Data Journalist.

The Marshall Project is hiring for a Features Editor, Multimedia Editor, Immigration Reporter, Membership Manager, Communications and Development Associate.

The Lens is looking for an Environment Reporter.

Mother Jones is hiring for an Advertising Sales Assistant, Foreign Influence/National Security Reporter, Managing/Production Editor, News Editor, and for a Mother Jones Documentary Film Residency.

ProPublica has a bunch of job openings for their new Illinois office

NPR Visuals is hiring a Summer Intern.

VTDigger is hiring a Chief Innovation Officer and a Social Media / Community Editor.

The Better Government Association (BGA) seeks a Development Assistant, a Board Liaison & Development Associate, and has Internships available.

The Sunlight Foundation is hiring an Operations Manager.

Mississippi Today is hiring a Product/Web Designer and Developer.

The Tor Project is seeking a Communications Director.

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Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Four New Gorillaz Tracks. ?

EAT: Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Proscuitto.

DRINK: Elderfashion. ?

WATCH: German grocer Netto-Katzen's new ad.

A heart's a heavy burden.