Reimagining Largo

Over the past few months, we've been soliciting feedback about Largo from members and the broader journalism-tech community – how they use it, what they like about, and, most importantly, what we can do to make it better.

The next version of Largo is a full rewrite of the theme, with new layouts, easier customization, and additional editorial controls. We're keeping the most important parts of Largo – the features that are unique to the needs of publishers – but this is a great time for us to rethink the way we're meeting our member's needs and fill some of the gaps we've identified since the last major version.

So far, the most common feedback we've received has been about the need to easily customize a Largo site after launch. Site owners want to have more control over page layouts and an option to add their own CSS directly to the theme. This has become a major focus for us as we explore ways to utilize the WordPress Customizer to build a better user experience around theme modifications.

We are also working to improve the way developers can work with and contribute to Largo. WordPress theming has come along way since Largo was first built, and this is a perfect opportunity to implement best practices from the industry in our work. With a more streamlined developer experience, individual organizations that have developers on staff will be empowered to truly make their Largo sites their own.

If you're a Largo user (or would like to be!) and have feedback for us about what you'd like to see included - there's still time. Leave us a comment below or contact us directly to let us know!