Meet the Team: Kay Lima, Support & Community Lead

Photo credit: Laura Bertocci

In Part 2 of our "Meet the Team" series, we'll get to know Kay Lima, our Support & Community Lead.

Kay joined the team in January of this year to support our members and clients, helping them make the best possible use of the tools we build – and she's been a driving force ever since. Not only does she own our support process and evangelize our work, but she's spearheaded internal operational improvements, is a fierce project manager, and she's really brought the team together by introducing us to all sorts of team-building techniques.

More from Kay, in her own words:

Where are you from?

Originally from MA, now living in sunny Denver, CO.

How would you describe what you do?

My official title is Support & Community Lead; I oversee the support, documentation and training for Largo and the plugins we maintain, provide Google Analytics, AdWords, and SEO consulting, some front-end development and also manage website projects.

What's your favorite part of your job?

Helping our incredible members and working with such a fantastic team!

What are some noteworthy projects you've worked on at INN?

So far, I've revamped our support Help Desk ( and our project management process, presented a webinar on Google AdWords and Ad Grants, and have directly helped 60 different members with ongoing support.

Where do you get your news?

TheSkimm, Alexa flash briefings, NPR, Vice News/Viceland, NYTimes (the Sunday paper edition), Snapchat, and Twitter.

Who or what inspires you?

Tony Hsieh (for team culture and customer service), girls who code (and their inspiring projects) and my wonderful mother.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I'm really proud of graduating from a rigorous full-stack bootcamp focusing on JavaScript and PHP-based stacks.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love hiking, running, and skateboarding with my husband and our dog. You can also find me at a craft brewery or cafe, local tech meetup, farmers market, or working on a personal coding or brush lettering project.

What's your favorite part of working remotely?

Working with my dog!

What's your favorite kind of pie?


What's your personality type?


If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

A Midas touch of sorts, except instead of turning what I touch to gold, it would instantly solve problems and eliminate suffering.

What's your favorite album?

This is really hard... A three-way tie between: Fugazi - The Argument, The Clash - Combat Rock and Verdi's La Traviata recorded at the Met with Pavarotti and Studer, conducted by James Levine.

Favorite place you've traveled to?

Sicily. What an incredibly wild and beautiful place! I spent time there (and elsewhere in Italy) working on organic farms and eating... lots of eating.

Are you a dog or cat person?

Definitely a dog person. :)

Most recently used gif:

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