Announcing Largo 0.6.1

WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg editor present a perfect opportunity to incorporate new best practices from the WordPress industry in our work. With a more streamlined end-user experience, individual organizations will be empowered to truly make their Largo sites their own. But we're also invested in making the developer experience easier.

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Nerd Alert 37: Deez Nerds


"Websites are really simple, but we insist on making them complicated." - Confucius


What we're reading this week

  Adam: Rolling Stone has a lengthy oral history of everyone’s favorite website from the 90s including (exclusive!) interviews with a number of the creators.

  Ben: Did you know that there are measurable stylistic differences between maps made in different countries? (PDF warning) (Hat tip to Joshua Stevens at NASA for this link)

  Dani: Sometimes, journalists misinterpret the statistics part of scientific research, but just as often, the research studies are flawed.

  David: It took all summer to read this story, but guess what I finally finished?

  Ryan: These absurd GIFs made using the woodblock art of Hokusai were created by artist Atsuki Segawa and are worth taking a moment to puzzle over.

  Bert: D'awww, little biochemical bots!

This week's guest contributor:Tanya Moushi, Serial Entrepreneur, Freelance Awesomeizer, TEDxPhoenix Wrangler

One of my favorites, this classic essay should be dubbed the Entrepreneur's Bible, and rogue corporate-employee-gone-cartoonist Hugh Macleod, is transforming business culture with his daily cartoon.

Each week we ask someone from outside our team to contribute a link, tool or idea. Are you our next guest star? We think you might be. Send us a note at



INN’s WordPress Framework For News Sites Now Fully Supports HTTPS


Work we admire by our journalism peers


18F recently expanded data available in their OpenFEC API, and this great post on Sunlight Foundation's blog explains how to make use of it. For more see the official docs.


Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: The Leningrad Cowboys’ rendition of Sweet Home Alabama, featuring the Red Army Choir

COOK: #90sJunkFoodClense. You've been warned.

WATCH: Explore strange new worlds.

GIF: git push