Nerd Alert 51: Black Friday Deals


A $35,000 gift card, looking for a good home: The INNovation Fund.


What we're reading this week

  Adam: The NPR Visuals team has an excellent post on the effectiveness of their recent sequential visual stories as measured with Google Analytics event tracking.

  Ben: When your laptop detects that you've changed time zones, it's using one of the oldest protocols on the Internet: Network Time Protocol.

  David: This Thanksgiving I’m grateful for years of not needing to doaspect ratio math.

  Jack: In the best of all possible worlds, we could raise enough money from grateful donors who love our content to keep making more. Radiotopia has some ideas about turning fans into partners.

  Bert: How do you detect a human pretending to be a robot?


Swans, from Kensington Palace

A trio of swans float in a slate-grey pond. The pond is located at Kensington Palace, London, The United Kingdom.



Our cool work

So many blog posts this week! Twitter has removed share counts from its buttons, so we have a list of neat tools to learn more about who's sharing your #content. And the very best #content has images, so we wrote about how tospeed up your website with optimized images. January's News Nerd Book Club features a back-to-back twofer of responsive websites goodness from the folks at A Book Apart.


Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: The MitchiriNeko March is also worth a watch.

COOK: If you still have room for dessert, here's a simple shortcake recipe.

GIF: Even superheroes have to buy groceries.

One Punch Man shops in the meat aisle of his grocery store. He walks offstage to the left, carring a handbasket. A young mother walks onstage, headed right, carrying a basket and towing behind her a young boy who has a face of awe and is pointing back towards One Punch Man. In the background, a female shopper is unperturbed.