Nerd Alert 76: If you like piña coladas and responsive iframes in your blog posts


What we're reading this week

  Adam: Growing a company is hard. I remain really impressed with Buffer’s transparency, even when they have to make very difficult decisions – like the round of layoffs they announced this week. I’m also fascinated by their salary calculation, which you can see in this spreadsheet.

  BenGit version 2.9 and following has better diff-detection, if you run it with the experimental--compaction-heuristic. It makes messy diffs somewhat cleaner.

  Gabe: What can you do with the world's ugliest color? Keep people from smoking.

  Jack: How can news organization compete with Google and Facebook, who now control 64% of the digital advertising market? Matt McAlister from The Guardian says it’s time to leverage our shared values and embrace collaboration as a core objective.

  Julia: Learn about animating the viewBox for interactive data viz in this really great SVG tutorial by Sarah Drasner.

  Inndy: Good effort, friend.


Our Head Nerd is on tour in New Orleans

Our own Adam Schweigert is at IRE today and tomorrow – he'd love to chat with you about tech, nonprofit news, product design and alpaca farms. Find him and say hi.


Work we admire by our journalism peers

Congrats to ProPublica's Sisi Wei for winning Best Individual Portfolio at the 2016 Global Editors Network Data Journalism Awards.

Here's one of Sisi's projects, Debt by Degrees:


Our projects, manifest

The Nerds are on a roll with WordPress plugins these days! Two new ones this week:

Pym Shortcode is a super-simple way to add responsive iframes to your WordPress posts. Pym.js is a handy JavaScript library for embedding responsive iframes (developed by our friends at NPR), but it historically hasn't played nice with WordPress because it requires a<script> tag in the post body. Our plugin lets users place Pym embeds without extra JS.

News Quiz Shortcode embeds quizzes created with Mother Jones' news quiz library. Very nice.

ICYMI: Also check out last week's featured plugins – Super Cool Ad InserterTerm Debt Consolidator, and Google Analytics Popular Posts. All of our plugins are available for download from the WordPress Plugins Directory. Get 'em.


With heavy hearts

The tragic attack in Orlando last weekend left 49 dead and another 53 wounded.

Last August, Julia created an animated data sonification to illustrate the many lives lost in U.S. mass shootings – it has been updated to reflect recent events.

Source Data: Mother Jones' mass shootings database
Source Code:


Good jobs with good people

INN is looking for a senior full stack developer with a WordPress focus. Come work with us!

KQED is hiring a product manager for their web and native mobile apps.

The Philadelphia Media Network is hiring a data visualization specialist.

KHOU-TV in Houston, Texas is looking for an investigative journalist and visual storyteller.


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Gather ye rosebuds

LISTEN: Atomic by Mogwai.

READ: How to Make White People Laugh by social-justice comedian Negin Farsad. It's been described as “smart racial politics with a side of fart jokes.” Good stuff.

WATCH: All Six Star Wars, if only for the deafening intro sequence.

EAT: Three-Cup Chicken. Yum.

DRINK: The Painkiller Cocktail – a twist on the piña colada, recommended by Ryan.

ADMIRE: The art of Benjamin Shine, created with tulle and an iron.

SIT: Erm, perch?

Fly! Be free!