WordCamp for Publishers Wrap-Up

Contributor Day Thanks

INN would like to thank the following people for their contributions during Contributor Day:

  • Mike Schinkel for Largo pull requests #1469 and #1466, fixing errors in Largo when running under WP_DEBUG and cleaning up some widgets.
  • Chris Hardie for Largo pull requests #1463#1465, and #1468, fixing syntax problems and WordPress Theme Check issues.
  • Jeremy Green for Largo pull request #1464, fixing a number of translation text domain issues.
  • Mads Holmen, Ben Borie, and Douglas Arellanes for their contributions to the Largo Wiki.
  • Adam Schweigert for continued work on DoubleClick for WordPress.

If you'd like to contribute to the next version of Largo, check out the Largo issue tracker on GitHub. We have a number of issues that would make good community contributions. Also, check out Largo's contributor guidelines and our team documentation!

INN at #wcpub

We'll update this section with transcripts and video as they become available.

Julia's Designing for Customization session provided an overview of the WordPress Customizer, information on how we're building the next version of Largo for Customizer-powered homepages, and ended with a brainstorming session about ways to solve a number of problems through improving customizability. Read her slides and speaker notes, and the prompt from the brainstorming session.

RC led INN's Contributor Day presence, which focused on building the next edition of Largo.

Ben's lightning talk was about all of INN's plugins, starting with the popular ones and wrapping up with the ones we've built for other people.

Kay and Ben were WordCamp for Publishers organizers as well as INN representatives. Kay was part of the Denver team that handled events and logistics, and Ben was part of the publicity team that handled the website, social media updates, and photography.

During Contributor Day, RC worked on Largo and Ben worked on INN's Storytelling Tools plugin.

Welcome Our New Support Specialist: Meredith Melragon

As a team we believe very strongly that our mission is not just to build great products but also to focus on educating and empowering the users of these products at INN member organizations and beyond.

To that end, we've decided to invest more of our time, energy and resources in creating comprehensive documentation for the products we build, a more robust support infrastructure to help users with problems they may run into and training resources to help our members to level up their technology skills.

1930807_1052929756159_4892_nTo help us with this undertaking, today we're very excited to welcome our newest team member, Meredith Melragon.

Meredith joins INN from a variety of professional development roles focused on educational technology, including serving as the director of implementation for a software company. Across topics and settings she has designed, developed and delivered training sessions for a wide audience. Her consistent focus on customer service and developing meaningful learning experiences has enabled users to adopt tools and integrate them into their work, inspiring them to imagine new possibilities.

In her role as a contract support specialist at INN, her responsibilities will include managing our support workflow and developing documentation and training systems to help users and leaders implement the tools we build.

Her “b-side” is music. She has also served as the senior editor of a music magazine and an arts administrator for a non-profit music festival.

You can find her on Twitter @meredithm or say hi by email at meredith@inn.org.

Please help me to welcome her to the team!

Welcome Jacki Keys To The Team

Today I'm excited to announce the addition of another vegetarian former oboist from northeastern Ohio currently residing in Columbus, Ohio to the INN technology team.

jacki_keysJacki Keys is joining us to focus on training, documentation and support particularly for our Largo Project sites but also to help us better serve INN members' general technology needs, answer questions and provide general technology support.

Jacki brings with her extensive experience working in technical support in many forms at different types and sizes of organizations ranging from large companies with 50,000+ employees to small non-profits, though she prefers the personally rewarding experience of working with the latter. You can read her full bio on our team page.

Jacki is joining us as a contractor to start and says she's excited to use all her powers for good at INN and would love to help you in any way she can. And we're happy to have her.

You can also follow her on Twitter: @jacki890

Welcome Ryan Nagle And Ben Keith To The Team

INN was founded in 2009 so we're still a pretty young organization but we've been growing rapidly and demand for our technology services has never been higher. The network now has over 100 members and of those over a quarter are using our hosting Project Largo WordPress platform. We're also starting to dip our toe into the news apps world by supporting member collaborations and soon also working directly with members on projects.

I've been really fortunate over the past year and a half I've been at INN to work with some great contractors and part-time help but today I'm really excited to welcome two new members to our team. Ryan Nagle is our first full-time hire on the team and he starts today as a news apps developer and Ben Keith joins later in the week as our summer technology intern.

ryan_nagle_originalRyan Nagle joins INN this week as a news applications developer. Ryan comes to INN from the Chicago Tribune where since 2008 he participated in the development of news products like the Chicago Tribune, Vivelohoy and ChicagoNow. In addition, he contributed to news applications and story features like the Chicago Tribune’s Election Center, the Chicago Bond Debt series and others.

At INN, Ryan’s responsibilities include developing, deploying and supporting software for network members. His efforts focus on Project Largo — a responsive WordPress theme tailored for news organizations — and other open source tools to help members better present their journalism.

Before joining the Tribune, he attended the College of Media at the University of Illinois where earned a degree in advertising. You can find Ryan on Twitter and on Github.

senior_photoBen Keith also joins the INN technology team this week as a summer intern after graduating from Ohio State University with a degree in agricultural communications and plant pathology. He'll also be pitching in on member projects, helping us improve our documentation and contributing to Largo. He joins INN after working as a reporter and associate webmaster for The Lantern, the student-run newspaper of The Ohio State University where he helped them with a redesign and migration to WordPress and also built tools to improve publishing workflow. You can find Ben on Twitter or on GitHub.